- Synthesis, Characterization And Applications Of Carbon Based Nanobiosensors For Diagnosis Of Diabetes’ Patience In The Early Time

Yagmur Koskun
Dumlupinar University

- The Synthesis, Characterization Of Highly Active And Durable New Carbon - Polymers Based Nanocomposites And Their Applicability For New Generation Alcohol Based Alternative Energy Sources

Sinan Eriş
Dumlupinar University

- The preparation and characterization of new generation nanobiosensors as highly selective and sensitive sensors for detection of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid

Sait Bozkurt
Dumlupinar University

- The Development And Applıcatıon Of Novel Hydrogen Peroxide Sensitive Nanosensors For The Determinatıon Neurodegenerative diseases With High Selectivity And Sensitivity

Berna Tosun
Dumlupinar University

- The Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Highly Active New Carbon-Supported Nano Materials for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells as A Clean Energy Source

Zeynep Dasdelen
Dumlupinar University

- The Green Synthesis of New Generation Nanomaterials for Treatment of Cancer

Birgütay Şahin
Dumlupinar University

- New Generation of Alcohol Fuel Cells As a Source of Energy: Synthesis and Applications of Single Chirality (6-5 and 7-6) Carbon Nanotube based Nanomaterials to İncrease the Efficiency of Their Energy

Özlem Karatepe
Dumlupinar University

- The Design of The Fırst Carbon Nanotube Based Thermopower Wave Fuel Cells To Generate Clean Energy And Their Nanotechnological Applicatıons

Yunus Yıldız
Dumlupinar University

- New Generation Fuel Cells: Chloroplast Based In-Situ Bio Fuel Cells And Synthesis Of Nanomaterials That Can Increase Their Efficiency

Gaye Başkaya
Dumlupinar University

- Reduction Of Aromatic Aldehydes into Alcohols by Novel Designed Eco-Friendly Heteregenous Catalysts

Melike Yazici
Dumlupinar and Duzce University

- The preparation and characterization of new types of nanomaterials and their fuel cell applications

Handan Pamuk
Dumlupinar University

- The preparation and characterization of novel Pt-based nanomaterials and their hydrogen storage applications

Esma Erken
Dumlupinar University